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Dr Anthony Seldon
Books and pamphlets

Dr Seldon has written or edited over 25 books on politics, history and education.

Published books, future books and booklets include:

The Cameron Effect (with Dr Mike Finn) 2015

Cameron at 10 (with Peter Snowdon) 2015

The Washington Embassy (with Daniel Collings) 2014

The Great War and Public Schools (with David Walsh) November 2013

The Independent School Problem 2013

Brown at 10 November 2010

An end to factory schools: An education manifesto 2010-2020 (Centre for Policy Studies) March 2010 (click here to download a copy)

Trust: How We Lost it and How to Get it Back September 2009

Blair Unbound: The Biography Part II, 2001-2007 (with Peter Snowdon) November 2007

Blair's Britain, 1994-2007 (with Peter Snowdon) September 2007

The Blair Effect 2001-5 (with Professor Dennis Kavanagh) September 2005

Blair April 2005 (paperback) and June 2004 (hardback)

These two books above are the standard academic works on the first and second Blair governments.

New Labour, Old Labour: The Wilson and Callaghan Governments, 1974-1979 2004

Governing Before New Labour (editor, with Kevin Hickson) 2004

The Powers Behind the Prime Minister: The Hidden Influence of Number Ten (with Professor Dennis Kavanagh) February 2001

How the Tory Party Recovers (editor) 2004

Britain Under Thatcher (with Daniel Collings) February 2000

The Foreign Office : A History of the Place and its People 2000

Number 10: The Illustrated History 1999

Ideas and Think Tanks in Contemporary Britain: v.2 (with Michael David Kandiah) March 1997

The Heath Government, 1970-74: A Reappraisal, (with Stuart Ball) August 1996

The Thatcher Effect: A Decade of Change (with Professor Dennis Kavanagh) November 1989


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